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Sports Therapy available at the Malvern Clinic

Anyone over the age of 18 can receive sports therapy for a whole range of problems (sports or non sports related) including: joint and soft tissue injuries/pain, arthritic pain and post operative rehabilitation.

Our Sports Therapist has a degree in Sports Therapy from Worcester University, she is an allied healthcare professional with the knowledge and skills to:

·  Examine & treat a range of conditions & injuries related to soft tissue
·  Stimulate soft tissue healing
·  Utilise soft tissue techniques such as sports massage and joint mobilisations
·  Utilise electrotherapy such as shockwave therapy, TENS & ultrasound
·  Plan, create & coach personalised rehabilitation programmes 
·  Refer to other healthcare professionals / specialists if indicated


Sports therapy treatments include:

  • Sports massage
    Sports massage utilises a range of rhythmic techniques with varying levels of depth & intensity. Lighter strokes, used at the beginning of treatment, gradually get deeper & more intense to work into the muscle fibres. Sports massage can be an effective treatment for those suffering from specific chronic pain or who regularly undergo intensive exercise.
  • Joint mobilisations
    • A form of manual therapy aimed to address and treat joint restrictions & pain
    • Graded oscillatory movements that move joints through their ranges of movement to achieve desired effects
    • Can be applied to peripheral or spinal joints
  • Shockwave therapy
    • A non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that works by delivering sound waves to a specific target area
    • Increases blood flow to the target area resulting in cell regeneration & healing



What to wear to an appointment

For upper body treatments wear loose fitting t-shirt / vest top. Long hair should be tied up.
For lower body treatments wear loose fitting shorts.

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